"You work hard to create wealth; let us work hard to preserve it."

Investment Philosophy

Dear Investor,

I founded Pine Capital to provide individually customized investment strategies for high net worth investors, family groups and institutions. Too many investors fall through the cracks at large investment companies, and many receive cookie cutter investment advice tainted by commissions and conflicts of interest. As an independent registered investment advisor, Pine Capital is intentionally designed to let the most appropriate investment ideas drive the strategy. Our fee is derived from the value of the portfolio, not what it contains.

Although many of our clients are sophisticated enough to manage investments, it doesn’t mean they want to do it as a full time job. We focus on our clients’ portfolios every day, so they don’t have to. However, we are very closely connected to each and every client, so they can call and speak to me directly about ideas and challenges whenever they please. You don’t get that type of service from a large institution, but many investors believe they must work with big investment firms to gain access to various strategies and markets. Many seek a sense of security and want to know their assets are held by a large corporate entity. Through advanced technology and our custodial relationship with TD Ameritrade Institutional, our clients are getting the best of both worlds: they receive the close, personal attention that only a boutique firm can offer, while simultaneously benefiting from access to the types of products and security of one of the world’s largest and most trusted institutions.

Our primary goal at Pine Capital is to build portfolios that provide superior performance over a 3-5 year time period. Our access to independent research helps us identify companies with solid fundamentals that may be trading below their long term value. We use a combination of “growth” and “value” investing techniques to translate present business conditions into long-term equity appreciation. Our portfolios maintain safe levels of diversification while also taking advantage of market opportunities. We actively manage every portfolio with a balanced and flexible approach to optimize returns while ensuring long-term stability.

If you don’t feel like a priority with your advisor or if you’d like to upgrade the management of your assets, I encourage you to contact us to learn how Pine Capital can improve your investment opportunities.

Christopher P. Lorenz
President, Portfolio Manager

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